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The firm " CASTAGNE CAPPETTA S.R.L ." has been the first company working here to exploit the secular experience of the cultivators of AVELLINO AREA CHESTNUTS .

The result is a VALUABLE CHESTNUT , of high quality , with E xcellent Organoleptic Characteristics , suitable for different purposes.

A product, " THE MONTELLA AREA CHESTNUT ", made in BAGNOLI IRPINO , unequalled in the World, reserved to the most refined palates.

From the plant to the table!

Frittelle of flour of chestnuts

To sift the sweet brown flour and porla in a tureen with a pizzico of knows them, grattugiato lemon and sugar, therefore little to the time to add water and a little I leaven so as to to obtain one not solid paste. To put to the fire one frying pan with oil and to begin to cook the frittelle pouring the paste a spoon to the time. To dust of sugar and to serve
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