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The company Castagne Cappetta s.r.l. is located in the area Montella-Bagnoli, and its laboratory is situated in Bagnoli Irpino, loc. Caliendo.

It has very old roots; You must think its founder dedicated all his life to the chestnuts, always buying more chestnut fields.

By this passion it was born the idea of valorizing this wondrous product transforming it; we invent nothing because we are still using the traditional and millenary transformation system, having as only objective the quality factor.

Our company transforms about 2,000 quintals of chestnuts per year, just like it was made some years ago, traditionally and without any mechanization or adulteration, obtaining a genuine and nutritive product, mainly valued by gourmets.

Our products are characterize one greatest quality.
From the plant to the table!

Frittelle of flour of chestnuts

To sift the sweet brown flour and porla in a tureen with a pizzico of knows them, grattugiato lemon and sugar, therefore little to the time to add water and a little I leaven so as to to obtain one not solid paste. To put to the fire one frying pan with oil and to begin to cook the frittelle pouring the paste a spoon to the time. To dust of sugar and to serve
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